William Eager
Art for Your Imagination

Collision of Energy.  22X30 Acrylic on paper.  Matter and energy... one and the same.  The world around us is in constant motion at the molecular level and we are part of that incredible choreography.
Ancient Ones.  22X30 Acrylic on paper.  Thousands of years before civilization started, our ancestors created images that depict important events and beliefs in their world.  This was a combination of artistic endeavor, communication and ceremony.
 Plant Life.  22x30 Acrylic on paper.
Totem One.  22X30 Acrylic on paper.  Our strength comes from our collective experiences shared over time and across cultures.
22x30 Acrylic on paper.  Peace starts inside each of us and extends to our families, communities and countries.
Happy Girl Dancing. 22x30 Acrylic on paper.  Through dance we bring our full expression of energy and joy into the world as the children of the world do every day!
Love. 22X30 Acrylic on paper.   Love and the related imagery of hearts, roses, diamonds and the many historical references such as the Gods of love and famous books and plays about love, give us a reference to our own personal connection with the power of
Exploration.  22X30 Acrylic on paper.  Space beyond planet Earth has intrigued mankind since the earliest civilications.  The Incas, Mayans and Ancestral Pueblo People looked to the stars for navigation and seasonal changes.  Since Sputnik launched in 195
​Stop War. 22X30 Acrylic on paper.  War is madness.  It should be obvious... war hurts people, it hurts the planet and it hurts our soul.  War is no longer needed as part of 'modern civilization.'  Let's wake up and say a resounding NO to WAR!
No Fear.  22X30 Acrylic on paper.  There are many things going on in the world today... climate change, wars, a pandemic... we must constantly look at our own personal reactions, our fear to these external events.
Rome. 22X30 Acrylic on paper.  The Romans were amazing graffiti artists.  They drew images and wrote about their feelings regarding love and politics.  The tradition continues today as modern Roman graffiti layers itself upon the emotions of people living
What I Think. 22x30 Acrylic on paper.  When we dream all possibilities open to us.
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